Tetronix (currently under the name DJ_Harris, and on a new account), is a veteran race car driver from Canada. He is currently one of the top drivers in the Ro-Racing world. He has raced in many different racing series, such as ROBLOX Racing Series (RRS), the Lowes Cup Series (LCS) and NASCAR Drive To End Hunger Series (NDTEHS).


Big Break Edit

Tetronix got his big break when he made the field for the first race of the second season of the now defunct NASCAR Drive to End Hunger Series (NDTEHS) at Dunwoody Raceway, driving the #42 Banana Republic Ford Fusion. He finished second after a driver exchange with Dacount123, who was only spectating, took the car in the middle of the race. The next race was at Sonoma Raceway, where the rookie got another second place finish after 44cts44 hit the wall and flipped on the final lap near the hairpin. That was the rookie's first race at the 2.52 mi (4.06 km) road course.

55 Wins Edit

Tetronix got to his 55th win on June 23, 2013 when he won at the now defunct Autozone Elite Truck Series was at the tricky Omaha road course. He held off a charging field on the final lap to win.

100th Win Edit

A ramming session with fellow driver, Rocketman39, and got his 100th win. He put rocke in the wall in the 8th turn on the final lap at United Raceway, an 11 turn, 2.5 mile boot-shaped road course in the One Main Financial Racing Association's "Cup" series.


After 4 hard fought seasons in the One Main Financial Association, Tetronix hung up his helmet in the series, with around 6 or 7 wins in the series.

Statistics Edit

Tetronix has 117 wins along with lots of top 5 and 10 finishes, and 20 DNFs (Did Not Finish) in the three years he has been racing.

Winter of 2014-Present Edit

Tetronix has been inactive in the ROBLOX racing community for the past few months. He has had real life events, like a job, as well as other racing games (NR2003, RACE 07, DiRT 3, etc.) have been his current racing mentality.

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